Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mad Mother

In Washington DC a mother has risen to power and she leads an interesting group of protesters. You can see the mad mother, Cindy Sheehan, along side Jesse Jackson who never fails to find a camera. At first I pretty much ignored this protest and then some names being mentioned caused me to take notice.

This rag tag group is a mixed bag of extreme leftist, the ones that really scare me. There is the group known as ANIMAL, what ever that's to mean, which supports Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavaz. These people want to take away the right to own land in the United States, one of the founding principles of the country.

This alone might be enough for me to take notice, but there is a buzzword I listen for in any speech, demonstration, or debate. That would be “progressive”. The more times that word is used, the farther left the speaker.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Hero or Nero

In the days following hurricane Katrina there were few rational minds. From all aspects of life in the devastated areas they were calling on the federal government to help them. The news people were slamming President Bush for not doing enough. Could these reporters have been hunting for people, or even prodding people, to say vicious things about Bush? Even FOX news, which has been purported to be a right wing news agency, was shouting the loudest.

Along comes the mayor shouting profanities at Bush and the federal government. I am sure he was caught up in the heat of the moment while having to face his own failures. Earlier I had talked about the blame game. This may just be a continuation, except with added facts.

Sunday, September 4, 2005

The Blame Game

In the aftermath of the worst disaster in the history of our country, you at first have tears in your eyes for the victims. Then comes the blame game, namely, finger pointing at President Bush. I have somewhat been involved in disaster preparedness and from my point of view; the state of Louisiana let these people down. The mayor who should have seen to it they had some type of disaster plan played the blame game when he himself is to blame.

Let's look at all the blame. Let's start at the top where most say all the blame lies. Bush may have waited longer to act than I would have. Yet, how do we know when he acted? Could he have sent in federal troops sooner, maybe, but at what cost? I heard reporters screaming for troops to come in and restore order. If Bush had done that he would have been arrested for one of the most horrendous acts a president can make. He would have violated the Posse Comitatus Act. No federal soldier in this country can act as police force without martial law being initiated. I doubt anyone wanted that to happen in New Orleans.

Homelnd Security

Earlier I said I did not have enough information on Homeland Security. I have rectified that, at least in part. I have learned that before Katrina struck the gulf coast, Louisiana had 7000 National Guard at the ready to enter the disaster area. In addition I have learned that the National Guard is under the command of Homeland Security.

So you ask what took them so long? It was the shear size of the disaster area. Those 7000 guardsmen were just not enough. I have not heard how many in total moved into the disaster areas. I am sure it is a lot more than the 7000 Louisiana guardsmen. How many would have been enough? More than anyone could have guessed.

Saturday, August 6, 2005

Hollywood AID

Each day we turn on the television to see a parade of movie stars. They are shown in clothes that cost more than the average car. Of course they are pretty to look at and many of the movies are enjoyable.

So you ask me what my bitch is? It’s when they start talking bout politics. Its easy to see that Southern California is extremely liberal, and Hollywood especially. That’s fine; they have the right to speak out on their political beliefs. What’s not right is they have an access to the media that the average person doesn’t. Still, I can’t fault them for that.

What I can fault them for is demanding the government increase social spending. They shout each time congress wants to cut taxes. In the last instance of a tax cuts many claimed this was only for the rich, “I don’t need a tax cut. Give a tax cut to the poor.”

Friday, August 5, 2005

The Sea of Immigration

Far out in the ocean, farther than one can see, the water swells unnoticed. This swell moves according to the winds and currents. Even the fishermen in their boats barely notice this swell. This swell begins to move toward land and as the depth lessens, the swell rises in the water trying to maintain its energy. Suddenly, the water is too shallow for the swell to maintain itself and begins to roll violently toward the shore.

That is pretty much the life cycle of a wave. I find that life is not dissimilar. Let's take immigration for instance. Many of us, as well as talk radio, have been talking about illegal immigration. This is the swell far out from land, basically unnoticed.

We often wondered why the mainstream media did not take this problem and give reports . Instead, from the mainstream media we only saw the plight of immigrant workers, illegal or otherwise. They wanted it to appear that anyone who was unhappy with the lack of immigration policies was racist and insensitive. This is the swell that went unnoticed by the fishermen.

I know the face of the enemy and have seen it

Bravo Tony Blair! It’s about time some world leader stood up to these punk terrorist and propagators of hate speech. Once again, I just don’t get some people’s way of thinking. Around the world you have Arabic people preaching the evils of democracy and western ideals.

In the USA we have laws regarding hate speech. If I would say something derogatory about a minority I can be jailed. Yet, one of these minorities are protected under freedom of speech. They can teach the hatred of all American citizens, as well as westerners.

Where are equal rights in this country? If we are going to outlaw hate speech, which I disagree with, we should outlaw it for all. These people are not only preaching hatred, but also demanding the lives of our children.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Unions, who needs them?

Very often I get into a debate with union workers about their rights. I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. A person asks for a job and the employer gives them one. Suddenly the worker feels he or she has the right to tell the employer how to run his or her business.

Recently I entered into a debate with a Canadian worker that is being locked out because they opposed the company hiring outside contractors. There are too many details to list. but I must say I can feel sympathy for that Canadian worker. I, myself, had my job replaced by outsource workers.

Having said that (I hate that over used phrase), the employer has the right to hire whomever they wish to do the job. In the case of the Canadian, he says the contract workers are inferior to the company workers. This might be so, in fact I am sure its so.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Give me a break NASA

OH PLEASE! What is up with NASA? They seem to think that space travel has to be safe. I have news for them. If they think they’re going to build a safe spaceship, then they might as well get out of the space business. Space is a risky business, not a place for wimps like NASA.

The news media is as much to blame as NASA. They have NASA running scared. The news media acts disappointed when a shuttle doesn’t explode. If you listen to the press conferences they only ask things like “Is the shuttle going to explode, how long is the shuttle program grounded”.

Astronauts are aware of the risks of space flight and accept those risks. Media, back off and let NASA do its job, which is getting on with the business of manned space flight. In the future there will be accidents. Others will die and we will mourn them.

I've Got a Bitch

Finally, there is some talk of controlling our southern borders. For decades riff-raff have been crossing the border for any number of illegal activities. The one we hear most about are the immigrant workers.

It's fine and good they seek a better way of life. I do wonder why they don’t put as much effort into building their own country. We have adjusted our trade laws to help improve conditions in Mexico. Still, the country does not seem to prosper. This is a Bitch for another time, though.

In this country people say we need immigrants (illegal or not) to do the jobs Americans will not do. I’m sorry, but I do not accept this premise. If employers cannot get the people to do the jobs, then the jobs are not paying enough, or the jobs are just too over loaded.