Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rosie Gets Hers

I am sure I am only going to say the same thing that millions of Americans are saying. It’s about time someone let Rosie O’Donnell have it. That woman has used a platform that most will never have to spout lies and misinformation. Why ABC let her continue as long as she did I will never know. There will be no surprise when the leftist media in this country gives her another platform to spout hate.

A lot of people are asking, why is this so important. There are more important things in the world than Rosie O’Donnell. I am sure there are, but this is more important than most realize. Rosie is stating things that millions of others believe. Those lies and mis-truths are rampant on the Internet. It’s hard to determine the root of these lies. I do know that it seems most Canadians and Europeans believe them. Maybe they are getting it from the BBC. We do know the BBC is a far left socialist news organization.