Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Unions, who needs them?

Very often I get into a debate with union workers about their rights. I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. A person asks for a job and the employer gives them one. Suddenly the worker feels he or she has the right to tell the employer how to run his or her business.

Recently I entered into a debate with a Canadian worker that is being locked out because they opposed the company hiring outside contractors. There are too many details to list. but I must say I can feel sympathy for that Canadian worker. I, myself, had my job replaced by outsource workers.

Having said that (I hate that over used phrase), the employer has the right to hire whomever they wish to do the job. In the case of the Canadian, he says the contract workers are inferior to the company workers. This might be so, in fact I am sure its so.

But I have to ask the question, if the workers are that inferior, won’t the company go out of business or be forced to fire the contractors. I support the right of the company to make decisions, even stupid ones.

As for myself, I want government to do only the things they were sanctioned to do by the United States Constitution (I’ll bitch on this later). By the government empowering unions to make demands, you have in effect given away control of the company. How would you feel if the government empowered your neighbors to tell you how to use your property…wait, they are doing that (yet another bitch to come).

Okay, now that we have determined that the government has given power over the companies to the employers, what is to become of this? Probably, just move the company to Mexico, then fire all the workers and hire workers that will work for lower wages and not want to have power over the company.

For years in the USA companies have worn a path as they moved south to find cheaper labor and no union. Today you find companies once again moving offshore to avoid high corporate taxes and to avoid unions.

What can we do to solve this exodus? I’ll ramble about that in later bitches

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