Monday, August 1, 2005

I've Got a Bitch

Finally, there is some talk of controlling our southern borders. For decades riff-raff have been crossing the border for any number of illegal activities. The one we hear most about are the immigrant workers.

It's fine and good they seek a better way of life. I do wonder why they don’t put as much effort into building their own country. We have adjusted our trade laws to help improve conditions in Mexico. Still, the country does not seem to prosper. This is a Bitch for another time, though.

In this country people say we need immigrants (illegal or not) to do the jobs Americans will not do. I’m sorry, but I do not accept this premise. If employers cannot get the people to do the jobs, then the jobs are not paying enough, or the jobs are just too over loaded.

Is this just a new form of slavery? Bringing in workers from a poor country, pay them low wages for which Americans cannot, or will not work. We are told paying them makes things right, it's not slavery. This differs little from when we purchase goods from other countries where people live in horrible conditions and work for nearly nothing.

America, stop and think what’s the right thing to do. The obvious is not always the best.

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