Monday, August 1, 2005

Give me a break NASA

OH PLEASE! What is up with NASA? They seem to think that space travel has to be safe. I have news for them. If they think they’re going to build a safe spaceship, then they might as well get out of the space business. Space is a risky business, not a place for wimps like NASA.

The news media is as much to blame as NASA. They have NASA running scared. The news media acts disappointed when a shuttle doesn’t explode. If you listen to the press conferences they only ask things like “Is the shuttle going to explode, how long is the shuttle program grounded”.

Astronauts are aware of the risks of space flight and accept those risks. Media, back off and let NASA do its job, which is getting on with the business of manned space flight. In the future there will be accidents. Others will die and we will mourn them.

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