Friday, August 5, 2005

I know the face of the enemy and have seen it

Bravo Tony Blair! It’s about time some world leader stood up to these punk terrorist and propagators of hate speech. Once again, I just don’t get some people’s way of thinking. Around the world you have Arabic people preaching the evils of democracy and western ideals.

In the USA we have laws regarding hate speech. If I would say something derogatory about a minority I can be jailed. Yet, one of these minorities are protected under freedom of speech. They can teach the hatred of all American citizens, as well as westerners.

Where are equal rights in this country? If we are going to outlaw hate speech, which I disagree with, we should outlaw it for all. These people are not only preaching hatred, but also demanding the lives of our children.

While this same group of people is trying to kill us we are searching old Anglo women in airports and train stations. We do this in a effort to not to have the slightest appearance of profiling.  We know the face of the enemy, but refuse to see it. It's time  for Americans to rise up and stop this insanity.

I am aware that many people of this country agree with the care taken not to profile. Some minorities fear profiling and I can understand why. During WW2 many Japanese were wrongfully imprisoned, but we did it for self-preservation. We knew the face of the enemy and took precautions. Today we know the face of the enemy and choose to ignore it.

Profiling can and does work. Our police force captures criminals everyday with profiling. I think they call it instinct, as well as being a professional observer. If the police see a 12 year old black or white child sneaking around with a backpack, and at the same time observe an Arabic man or woman behaving nervously with a backpack. Which would you want the police to investigate? I think the answer is obvious to anyone. Is this not profiling? Call it what ever you please, but it’s the correct thing to do.

Once again kudos to Tony Blair for his firm stand on hate speech. I can’t wait until our own leaders stand up and do what’s right. We do know the face of the enemy, it's time to take action.

I need to add this in closing. I am a firm believer in freedom of speech. I hesitate taking that freedom from anyone, but I see it as no different than shouting fire in a crowded theater. When these people say I must die, or those I love must die, I take that as shouting fire.

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