Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mad Mother

In Washington DC a mother has risen to power and she leads an interesting group of protesters. You can see the mad mother, Cindy Sheehan, along side Jesse Jackson who never fails to find a camera. At first I pretty much ignored this protest and then some names being mentioned caused me to take notice.

This rag tag group is a mixed bag of extreme leftist, the ones that really scare me. There is the group known as ANIMAL, what ever that's to mean, which supports Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavaz. These people want to take away the right to own land in the United States, one of the founding principles of the country.

This alone might be enough for me to take notice, but there is a buzzword I listen for in any speech, demonstration, or debate. That would be “progressive”. The more times that word is used, the farther left the speaker.


   1. A person who actively favors or strives for progress toward better conditions, as in society or government.

   2. Progressive A member or supporter of a Progressive Party.

This is the definition according to dictionary.com. Now that we know what progressive is, let's define “better”. Something being better is objective to the point of view. These people want to take away private ownership and distribute the world’s wealth. This might all sound fine unless you are the one giving up the wealth.

Most people gather wealth through selling or manufacturing a product as well as providing a service. Usually, this requires the one acquiring wealth to hire others who in turn acquire wealth. One can see how this trickles down as the one that was hired uses his or her pay to purchase food or other goods, which helps provide jobs for others.

Now let's take the wealth from the first guy and see what happens. He will close his factory or store since there is no reason to strive for wealth when it cannot be attained. The person hired would quit anyway since he or she gets the money without working. One day you look up and you are standing in long bread lines and there is so little of it to go around. Why, do you ask is there so little? Because the baker was the man who strived to gain wealth.
Now pay attention to those like Cindy Sheehan who gathered in the pretense of stopping the war. Ending the war in the correct way would be a noble cause. This rally was about everything except ending the war. I wonder if the mad mother understands the group with whom she has fallen. She is being placed out front as a figurehead because she can draw the cameras these progressive groups can’t. Her being arrested and carried off by officers while she laughed was well rehearsed.

Since I am on this topic, I am going to touch on the left wanting to raise taxes. This is just a reminder how this is all part of the plan to redistribute the wealth. Please keep this in mind when you are following others leads on saying we need higher taxes. Sure we have a huge deficient, but this country has had some unusual circumstances. We can reduce it through spending cuts.

As for you mad mother Cindy Sheehan, go home and grieve for your son and get on with your life. I am sure he would be ashamed of your actions and the new group around you that you call comrade.

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