Friday, August 5, 2005

The Sea of Immigration

Far out in the ocean, farther than one can see, the water swells unnoticed. This swell moves according to the winds and currents. Even the fishermen in their boats barely notice this swell. This swell begins to move toward land and as the depth lessens, the swell rises in the water trying to maintain its energy. Suddenly, the water is too shallow for the swell to maintain itself and begins to roll violently toward the shore.

That is pretty much the life cycle of a wave. I find that life is not dissimilar. Let's take immigration for instance. Many of us, as well as talk radio, have been talking about illegal immigration. This is the swell far out from land, basically unnoticed.

We often wondered why the mainstream media did not take this problem and give reports . Instead, from the mainstream media we only saw the plight of immigrant workers, illegal or otherwise. They wanted it to appear that anyone who was unhappy with the lack of immigration policies was racist and insensitive. This is the swell that went unnoticed by the fishermen.

Occasionally the politicians would talk about the lack of security at our borders, but none dared to do anything about it in fear they would lose Hispanic voters. Four years after 9/11 the borders are no more secure than they were before. We have states like North Carolina that hand out driver’s license to anyone who walks in. This state has made a token effort to resolve that problem. At least there I hear some talk of illegal immigration from government and mainstream media, a change from the past. This is the swell as it begins to enter shallower waters.

At last there is talk in Washington of actually doing something about the borders. We have Salvadorian gang,s and who knows what other riff-raff, moving into the country. There are states and local governments that are attempting to act on their own to combat this problem. I am pleased to at last see some serious action starting to unfold. The swell is rising up in the water as it nears land.

Will that wave ever crash to the beach? Will our politicians do what they have sworn to do? They all take an oath to abide by the laws of this country, to protect it from invaders. We are being invaded everyday and they do nothing. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting on that wave to crash onto the beach of life.

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