Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Coup To Control The USA

A caravan, as described by the media, of 1000 individuals entered Mexico from Guatemala. This group of people from Central America marched north carrying signs. One of those signs read: “Fuera Donald Trump.” In spanish "fuera" is used when you want to talk about, dreams and wishes, even though the direct translation means outside.

This means the those in the caravan and those who orchestrated it meant this to be an in-your-face-Trump invasion of the USA. We are told these caravans happen annually, but they typically get little media attention other than to tell us about the poor little children all alone in the desert. When one of these caravans crossed the US border, Glenn Beck fell for the propaganda and actually took toys to where these people were being held. Democrats and progressive republicans even made a law to protect Unaccompanied Minors. Because of such a law they will put children, teenagers, at the front of the line to make it appear it's just a group of children. The media will spread those images all over television and the internet. This is to play on emotions and to hide what is really happening.

Everyday we are bombarded with messages about “white privilege” and other terms that are derogatory to whites. We are seeing statues of past presidents being torn down because we're told they represent hate. We can't turn on the television without hearing about racism in America. We're told that minorities can't be racists, therefore, only whites can be racists.

This division was started in the 70's by democrats. Until that point, democrats were well known as the originators of the Klu Klux Klan. They were the principle slave owners. Democrats are the ones who placed Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II. President Johnson, who hated black people, led the charge for civil rights. Johnson said he was going to capture the black vote forever. So far he has done exactly that because 90% of blacks vote democrat.

Democrats decided there was another minority they could use to gain power, and that was Hispanics. Democrats will say and do anything to maintain power, even if that means coddling people who enter the USA illegally. Democrats are happy to look the other way while illegal aliens commit identity and other forms of fraud. They protect illegals even when they commit robbery and murder. In some California counties and cities they have created sanctuary laws that protect illegal aliens.

Democrats are doing this for one reason, to take total control of the country. They believe the means justifies the end because they are the moral superior. They work to silence opposition. They use racism to silence people. If you speak out against illegal immigration, you're called a racist and a xenophobe. Democrats will pass laws to silence people. They control social media to silence voices of opposition.

There is a purpose to all this. They want to control the USA and eventually silence all opposition. Democrats will do whatever it takes to take control. Depending on the poll, about 29% of all voters are die-hard democrats, about the same percentage are republicans. This means independents are the deciding vote in nearly every election. If you watched Obama, he campaigned to those people, telling them what they wanted to hear. Hillary did much the same, but was less likable. I also think some were just tired of being called a racist, and supported border security.

The Democratic Party sees the southern border as the source of voters that can give them permanent control. Most people entering from the south come from socialist countries with the same beliefs as democrats. We must remember, the country itself isn't important to democrats, only power matters. Democrats once tried to create the North American Union. I suspect that might still be their end game. Power is what matters, and if that means control of two countries, Mexico and the US, all the better. When you see the former president of Mexico on television pushing the Democratic agenda, you have to wonder why. There can be only one reason, he is assured a position of permanent power once the coup is over.

President Obama ended the Wet Foot, Dry Foot policy which meant Cubans were granted asylum once they touched American soil. If Cubans were caught in the water, they were returned to Cuba. You might ask why a democrat who seems to be for open borders might end such a policy. Cubans are more likely to vote republican once they become citizens. Democrats warmly embracing one group of Hispanics while trying to keep out another is evidence of their political coup.

One thing is sure, a country is only a country as long as there are borders. Democrats fight against any type of border security. They whine when the National Guard is sent to defend the border. Democrats want no border to the south. Most deny that, but their actions speak louder than words. We are seeing the real fascists are democrats. Once the coup is won, those on the right, and moderates will truly know what fascism is about because we will suffer at its hands.

At every turn, democrats are working to divide the races. That makes no sense for a party that depends on votes to survive. Why would a party intentionally alienate themselves from so much of the population? There can only be one answer, they see a future where those votes no longer matter—they see a future where the white vote doesn't matter.

Everyday we're reminded that white people 150 years ago owned slaves. White people of today are blamed for atrocities against blacks. I have never committed any atrocity against black people and 99.9999% of white people in the USA have never committed an atrocity against blacks. To blame white people for the actions of people 150 years ago is pure racism. Daily, placing this blame on whites of today is part of the coup. Democrats must make people of color hate whites so they will be less likely to vote for a party they see as too white, the Republican Party.

How many times have you heard a democrat talk about the African slaves of Brazil and other countries? Likely never because those aren't the people they wish to demonize. If this separation was being done by democrats of color, you could say it was based on racism. No, the worst of the offenders are white democrats who preach hate against their own race. As I've stated, none of this is about race, it's about power. This is about making sure that, eventually, there will be only one political party, the Democratic Party. Democrats won't stop until the United States of America is a single party tyranny.

The coup to take over the United states began decades ago, but we have reached a breaking point. One side is going to win, and I fear, because democrats control the education system and the media where they can program young people to think their way, democrats will win.

Update 4/29/18

The Caravan of people traveling from the southern border of Mexico to the US border has arrived. Despite Mexican authorities saying they would break up the caravan, they arrive chanting, “Si podemos,” which in English means “Yes we can”. Does this sound familiar? It should because it was President Obama's campaign slogan. If more proof is needed that this caravan was being directed by the Democratic Party, that phrase should suffice.

We have had democrat lawyers admit on television they had gone into Mexico to advise the invaders on what to say and how to handle immigration officials. I doubt if the invaders can or will be stopped at the border. If we had a government worth its salt, it would impose stiff sanctions on the Mexican government for assisting US invaders. Congress should then impose stiff penalties on Americans assisting foreign invaders. We must take political action, now, if we're to stop the Democratic Party's coup of the United States of America.

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