Saturday, August 6, 2005

Hollywood AID

Each day we turn on the television to see a parade of movie stars. They are shown in clothes that cost more than the average car. Of course they are pretty to look at and many of the movies are enjoyable.

So you ask me what my bitch is? It’s when they start talking bout politics. Its easy to see that Southern California is extremely liberal, and Hollywood especially. That’s fine; they have the right to speak out on their political beliefs. What’s not right is they have an access to the media that the average person doesn’t. Still, I can’t fault them for that.

What I can fault them for is demanding the government increase social spending. They shout each time congress wants to cut taxes. In the last instance of a tax cuts many claimed this was only for the rich, “I don’t need a tax cut. Give a tax cut to the poor.”

This is so ridiculous, the poor doesn’t pay taxes. Since these rich movie stars don’t need the tax cut, why don’t they give it to the poor. I have to pause for a second to say that many in Hollywood do contribute to worthy causes.

If the Hollywood crowd wants to do more, they are welcome to donate money to the government. Since the tax cuts, I have not heard of a single person wanting to pay extra taxes. I know I am beating a dead horse on this subject.

What brought on this bitch was the ‘Live AID’ concert. It wasn’t about raising money for a worthy cause, such as ‘Farm Aid’ or one of the fundraisers. This one was to ask governments to give more funding to Afric for the fight  against AIDS. If you want to give money, give your own damn money, not mine.

I should save Africa for a bitch unto itself. We can pour billions of dollars into Africa, but it's not going to make much of a difference. If I remember right, we have spent about 300 billion in Africa since the 70’s. Most of the money we have put into Africa has gone to the dictators and their thugs. The only way we can truly help the people of Africa is to teach them how they catch AIDS. Basically, teach them to keep their penises in their pants. AIDS is mostly spread through promiscuous anal sex.

Too many times we think governments and money can solve a problem. Governments tend to be the root of the problem, not the cure. Next time you see one of the famous people parading around on television in their finery telling how the government needs to do something about a problem; stop and think if that is the best way.

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