Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Hero or Nero

In the days following hurricane Katrina there were few rational minds. From all aspects of life in the devastated areas they were calling on the federal government to help them. The news people were slamming President Bush for not doing enough. Could these reporters have been hunting for people, or even prodding people, to say vicious things about Bush? Even FOX news, which has been purported to be a right wing news agency, was shouting the loudest.

Along comes the mayor shouting profanities at Bush and the federal government. I am sure he was caught up in the heat of the moment while having to face his own failures. Earlier I had talked about the blame game. This may just be a continuation, except with added facts.

Was Bush to blame for anything? Of course he was, but his fault lies in not having people around him that kept him informed of the true facts. Reporters wanted to know if the president ever watched television. I am sure he does, but do we want a president that makes decisions based on media reports?

In the beginning of the second week after the disaster it is starting to look like President Bush was the only one making good decisions. The mayor now says that as soon as he was able to talk to the president and make him aware of the facts there was immediate and massive action.

In every war a good president is no better than his generals. Apparently Bush put the best man on the job. That man would be Lt. Gen. Russel Honore.

This man, under the leadership of President Bush, did more in one day than all the local officials had done in a week. While Nero watched Rome burn, George W. Bush put the right man on the job.

Each day that passes Bush is slowly becoming the hero, to which the standard Bush haters will never admit. Those from the left who think anything from the right is a joke will never accept the fact that for once the Federal government did do something right.

I did not mean to turn this into a left/right issue, but it's just part of the facts. I suppose I need to write a separate entry as to why the left always want more government, but always wants to blame government for their woes.

In closing, there have been mistakes made on all levels of government, but that is to be expected in something of this magnitude. In my opinion, Bush might not be the herom but he surely put the man in charge who turned out to be the hero of the hour. Thank you Lt. Gen. Russel Honore.

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