Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/11 Thoughts

On 9/12, 2009, I stood with 1 million other Americans on the Capitol lawn to remember the feelings we all had the day after 9/11, 2001. The people standing with me knew the problems that led to the terrorists attacking the World Trade Center for a second time. Today it seems few know why 9/11 happened, and I suspect most people don't care.

The reason we were attacked is very simple, religious fanatics who have come to hate America. Our country has become the symbol of the western culture and Christianity. We are the Infidels—the Zionists. History tells us the Crusades lasted nearly 200 years, but truth be told, they never ended. War after war pitted Muslim against Christian.

9/ll happened in part because we forgot history. We forgot how in WW1 half the British navy was lost in an attempted to take Turkey, the heart of the Ottoman Empire. Because of ww1 the Ottoman Empire did eventually collapse. Then at the end of ww2 Europe decided to create two countries, Israel and Iraq. The second was doomed to fail before it began. Without an evil dictator to bind the three tribes, Iraq is doomed to fall apart, yet we fight to keep it bound as one nation. Although both of those countries were started by Europe, the USA is forced to carry the burden. This is because a pacifist Europe has bound itself to Russia with natural gas lines due to climate fear. The USA has been declared the defacto western military.

The greatest mistake America makes is to believe that we can kill a belief. Bombs can never destroy an ideological belief, especially when that belief is backed with religion. For good or bad, religion is the most powerful force on the planet. There are only a few ways to fight this problem. One is to make them so greatly fear retaliation they won't dare attack, but even then there are the few who have no value of life, especially their own. Another is to change their belief, which is a near impossible task. The only thing we can realistically do is make the price of attacking our country too high.

The feeling of 9/12 was of unity. For a short time, Democrat and Republican joined hands for a single cause. 13 years later this country is as divided as ever, which is no accident. Until we can become united as a country we can never hope to defeat Islamic terrorists. They know our weakness and exploit it to their favor. A country divided is one that can easily be taken. We have been warned by Karl Marx and Soviet Chairman, Nikita Khrushchev that our nation would be divided and conquered from within.

Our next 9/11, and I say next because it will happen again, the USA will be united once more or torn apart. Unless something drastic happens it's more likely the latter. People think that America will last forever, but in reality the days are numbered unless something changes. We are raising children to hate this country. Those children are being taught that everything American is bad, from the days of discovery, to the free-market economic system that fed its rapid rise to power.

That day in September the loss might have been much greater than that of 3000 Americans. We might have witnessed the fall of the greatest country on the planet since the Roman or British empires. Somewhere in the ashes of the twin towers lies the heart of the United States of America.

The American flag, the Star Spangle Banner, and the President of the United States are only symbols. To be American is much more. To be an American is the ability to freely express ourselves, to freely trade with our neighbors, and equal justice for all. It's time to stop worshiping government and its symbols and stand hand in hand with the beliefs that founded this nation, which is economic, religious freedom, and rule of law.

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