Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Coup To Control The USA

A caravan, as described by the media, of 1000 individuals entered Mexico from Guatemala. This group of people from Central America marched north carrying signs. One of those signs read: “Fuera Donald Trump.” In spanish "fuera" is used when you want to talk about, dreams and wishes, even though the direct translation means outside.

This means the those in the caravan and those who orchestrated it meant this to be an in-your-face-Trump invasion of the USA. We are told these caravans happen annually, but they typically get little media attention other than to tell us about the poor little children all alone in the desert. When one of these caravans crossed the US border, Glenn Beck fell for the propaganda and actually took toys to where these people were being held. Democrats and progressive republicans even made a law to protect Unaccompanied Minors. Because of such a law they will put children, teenagers, at the front of the line to make it appear it's just a group of children. The media will spread those images all over television and the internet. This is to play on emotions and to hide what is really happening.