Thursday, August 10, 2006


Last week I sat down to watch two of the latest releases on DVD. The first of the two was Final Destination 3. In my opinion, it might have been the better of the last two in the series. I know no one comes here to read movie revues and neither movie is worth taking the space here, at last not today. The second, V for Vendetta might at some point in the future. “Vendetta” was political in nature so I have no problem with it having a political viewpoint as long as its part of the plot.

I guess by now you have an idea where I am going with this. Let's start with Final Destination 3. One point in the movie nearly ruined it for me. During the funeral scene some guy begins to shout about how only the good die while people like Dick Cheney who is guilty of war atrocities still walks. Nowhere in the movie did the plot lead to this point. This was just an outright anti GOP statement. The statement was typical fact-less rhetoric.

In V for Vendetta, the statement was less noticeable, but it didn’t miss the sharp eyes of this writer. During the movie the characters were talking about how the world in which they lived had reached that point. We, the audience, got to see a flashback film on, supposedly, real life war demonstration. At first I thought my eyes had deceive me, but I saw in, big, bold letters, “Bush”. Of course I had to go back and read this in slow motion to determine the exact content. Much of the rest was basically benign, but the name “Bush” came through clear, as well was the intent.

As for Vendetta, I can let it pass somewhat because of the movie’s plot, but in Final Destination 3, it was obviously a political statement. If this continues I am sure that people who think like me might stop buying these movies. Hollywood, get the message, everyone that buys your product doesn’t care to hear your political views when they are not a part of the movie. You are selling a product, never forget that or it might come back to bite you. We buy your products for entertainment. If at anytime in the movie we aren’t entertained, or we become angry, then you have failed to deliver a good product.

As a writer I might make a political or ideological statement in my writing, but its part of the plot. What these two movies did is the same as if you turn to page 100 and there you see in bright colors, “Vote for George W. Bush”. Would you not then be turned off from any further books from me? When I want to make money off politics, I will write a political book, which just might happen.

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