Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

Once again I find myself responding to something I read. A lot lately has been made about Rosie O’Donnell taking over the television show “The View”. As for myself, I doubt I will be watching it again. The show did not only lean left, it was always teetering on the leftist cliff. Then in 2003 Elizabeth Hasselbeck came on the show. I had been a fan of hers from the reality show ‘Survivor”. To my delight, she wasn’t just nice to look at, but she was politically right. The article below states that she caused tension. Don’t you think a right-winger in lala land might do just that? Maybe there was tension because suddenly they had to hear an opinion that didn’t fall in line with their own.

Now let's look at the article below. Not one nice word about Hasselbeck. By reading that article you would think her to be an inarticulate teenager, when in fact, she is anything but that. Intelligently and articulately she  gives counterpoints to their leftist views. Now the truth is out, they only want one view, the leftist view. Often she is the lone voice of conservatism in a sea of liberals. If the writer of the article below thinks that when Elizabeth is outnumbered 4-1 it is she that needs quelling, then that writer just wants to hear no counterpoint to the liberal foolishness.

Excert from MSNBC

Hasselbeck creates tension but the strained mood remains, in no small part thanks to Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who since late 2003 has filled the show’s twentysomething slot, despite acting more like a high-strung teenage priss.
But sometimes only the show’s grande dame can put the brakes on Hasselbeck’s motor-mouth. Growing more and more exercised during a recent discussion of the “day-after” birth control pill, she finally compelled Walters to restore order. “Elisabeth,” said Walters with don’t-push-it-I’m-the-boss firmness — “calm down.”

I am willing to bet there are going to be some interesting arguments between Elizabeth and Rosie. I fear that the sweet Elizabeth will lose these debates because she is, and always has been, kept at the end of the line, quieted as much as possible. The other reason she will lose these arguments is that Elizabeth will use only facts, while Rosie, as any lefty, will make things up to support her fact-less arguments. In the end it might be nice to see the beauty(Elizabeth) put the beast(Rosie) in her place.

Update February, 2012: I missed that call. Rosie was later fired for her tirades against Hasselbeck.

Update post: Rosie Gets Hers

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