Sunday, August 6, 2006


Today I learned a new acronym. I think I will dedicate this blog to all MILKs. A few conversations led me to the discovery of this new acronym. That is the topic of this post. Until now I was not aware just how this world was divided so radically left and right. The ongoing battle between Hezbollah and Israel is shedding new light on the ideological battle between the left and right.

Until now I thought I had this figured out. I knew in the USA how the left seemed to support terrorist, but I thought they just hated George W. Bush that much. I was completely wrong on that. They hate anyone that doesn’t have the same ideology as them. For most of my life I thought of myself as a liberal, so what happened? Did I change, or did the term itself change? Until now I just thought I had changed, but as of today, I think the term changed. I’m not so sure my beliefs are that much different now than they were when I was sixteen years old. I do feel I understand capitalism better, economics better, but this posting is not on those two things.

Let's see if I can pin this thing down. We have this battle going on between Israel and Hezbollah. It seems much of the world media is on the side of the Hezbollah. The liberals I have talked to seem to be for Hezbollah as well. In the short span of this war the Hezbollah has gone from a terrorist group to a charity group that has only the welfare if its people in mind. The same people they horde into buildings from which they fire missiles, the same buildings where they store weapons. The very buildings they know Israel will target. Hezbollah then makes sure that the media gets good pictures of the dead women and children. Suddenly there is the outcry from the media and the left in general.

Where is the outcry over Hezbollah for shooting missiles filled with pellets? Weapons of this type are not designed to take out military targets, they have one aim only, to kill as many people as possible. They are designed to killed women, children, as well as the military. They target the same people as their suicide bombers. I get the impression from the left that this is okay because those are Jewish women and children.

I have never been a fan of all the things that Israel has done; yet in this instance, I feel they are in the right. Where is the world support for Israel? You hear the body count on the news. The number of Lebanon dead are many more than the Israeli dead. The media reports this as Israel using too much force, when in fact they have restrained themselves. The reason there are so many more dead in Lebanon is that in Israel they protect their people in shelters, not putting them in the line of fire as the Hezbollah does.

I am called racist because I recognize who the enemy is. The enemy is the same people that have called for the destruction of Israel, which does have a right to exist only because it does. They are the same people that call for the destruction of the Zionist, which includes the United States of America. Is it my fault the enemy happens to have brown skin? I think not. I will save the subject of racism for another day, another post.

So, back to, MILK. I want all you Maggot Infested Liberal Kooks to tell me why the USA is bad and the terrorist are good. Tell me why you hate yourself so much

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