Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorist Who?

Today is a good day in the world. We avoided a tragedy on the scale of 9/11. The UK unraveled a plot to down 6 or so airliners. From there the news gets depressing. We learn there might be thirty more terrorist still free. Let's have hope that they find all these potential perpetrators.

This is where the real problems comes in, they won’t be able to search for the people properly. You see, it’s not politically correct to search for Middle Eastern Islamic fundamentalist. I don’t dare to speak for the United Kingdom who has done a wonderful job so far, but will they actually search for men, maybe woman, with brown skin? I think they will, but you won’t hear theirs, or our, medias report on this. Publicly you have to pretend the perpetrators have no skin color.

Today in airports across the USA and UK, teenage girls and 80-year-old women will be searched and forced to depart with their hygiene products. These people will not be searched because they might be dangerous, but because of the color of their skin. You see, they happened to have been born white. Once again you will see agents in airports search the above profiles, while passing by men of Arabic descent. We all know why, because if you search only the people that fit the profile of those that continuously try to kill us, you will be called a racist.

That one word, “racist”, gives the terrorist more power than all the gunpowder in the world. As long as the left sit in their politically correct world, they will die in it. If they think it's fine to die as long as they are never called racist, that is good with me. But call me racist and let me live.

Anyone from the left right now is screaming at me, calling me a racist hater that wants to lock up anyone that is Arabic. That is just hate speech.. I, and those like me, just want to use common sense when trying to stop those that want to kill us.

Thank goodness one man had the nerve today to put a face to the people that sought to kill us. That man is George W. Bush. In his speech he told us it is the Islamic fascists that that wanted to kill all those people. Still, on the news we hear, “They might be of Arabic descent,” or, “The 21 British citizens…”

At each turn we must fight the left before we can even begin to battle terrorism. The only place we can do that is at the polls. I plead with you; let's win these wars before its too late. The battle itself sometimes goes wrong and steps are taken backwards. Just because we sometimes make mistakes in this war on terrorism, is no reason to give up. Let's stop taking tampons from young women and let's face the real criminal. Dare to be called racist. If I was stopped and question because the police were looking for a white criminal, would that be racist? Never. Let's take back the magic we have given our enemy. Let's suspend the use of the word “racist” when it comes to stopping those that wish to kill us.

Meet me half way. Let's search only males over sixteen. We know the terrorist mostly fall within that group. There has to be some way to do these searches that would narrow the field and still preserve your precious magic word “racist”

They already hate you… take back the power.

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