Thursday, June 28, 2007

Power to the People

Today was a landmark day in the USA. This day, June 28th, 2007 should go down in history. Not because this is the day that the horrible immigration bill failed, but the day that congress was forced to bend to the will of the people. This was only a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. We the people should celebrate any victory over the government. In the past, congress has bent to the will of the people, but always some minority.

Where do we go from here? “We stay the course,” as President Bush is so fond of saying. Let's continue to use this new-found power and force the government to do the things the majority of the people want. We must make the government understand that the status-quo is not going to work. It's time the government enforce the laws it was sworn to keep.

Come the next election it's time for us to show our force once more. We need to vote out the congressmen that bent to the will of special interest and did not listen to the will of the people. Since I am in South Carolina, I will support Jim DeMint as I did when he was elected. He has consistently done the things he was elected to do. He has consistently done the things that conservatives demand.

On the other hand, there is Lindsay Graham. Over and over he has failed to do the things we asked of him when we elected him. When he called me, and others like me, bigots, he lost my vote. Utmost, he lost my respect.

This is a good day for the USA. Let's hold our elected officials accountable. The only people for this immigration bill were the far left. Now we know what elected officials are the far left. We know who has sold out to special interests. Today the people are smarter.

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