Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paris Law

We now know something we have all known for years, society is separated by class. The left seeks to separate us even more. Many times class-ism is looked at as racism. No doubt some of it is, but today something happened that defined class-ism.

Today, after three days, Paris Hilton was released from jail. The police department states the reasons are “medical”. News is slowly trickling out that she would not eat, and cried constantly. Now we know what it takes to get tossed out of jail and get house arrest in a cushy mansion. Of course, I doubt Charles Manson will ever get that sentence, and nor should he.

This brings up our judicial system and the laws that support it. I have always been for punishments that fit the person’s income. Speeding is a good example. We charge $200 for speeding. For me that’s enough to hurt and will prevent me from speeding. For Paris Hilton that fine is a joke, not unlike her current sentence. She has been fined in the past and apparently it wasn’t severe enough for her to take notice. What if her previous fine for drunk driving had been $250,000,000. That amount would make even billionaires take notice of the laws. Maybe if your income is over 1 million a year, its automatic jail time.

We need to make the justice system fair. We saw today that money can buy freedom. I’m for treating people fairly, but her release was far from fair. The left has no problem with taxing the rich more than others, why not fine them more?

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