Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth

What can I say? I have been watching the Live Earth concert. There is some top-notch entertainment there, but it brings rise to something I have always said. Entertainers should stick to what they do best and keep their mouth shut. Many just prove that they are morons when they open their mouth. Of course, some say the same about me:)

There was one thing said that I thought worth writing about. K. T. Tunstall performed well and then stopped for a short interview afterward. It was there I just shook my head in dismay. She seems to have gone “green”. She said that she had made her tour “green”. The star goes on to say she has purchased 6000 acres of forestland in northern Scotland to offset the production of her CDs. She runs her buses on bio diesel, which I find about the only thing she is doing “green”. She then says that she is tacking one dollar onto the sales of concert tickets so that the fans can have their carbon emissions offset for traveling to the show.

I see this as K. T. making her fans pay for the 6000 acres of forestland. The people that buy her CDs are paying for the 6000 acres of land. What is K. T. herself doing to help global warming? I can tell you, she is at the Live Earth concert that is emitting more carbon than I will in a lifetime. Those amplifiers she uses will emit more carbon than I will in a year. The land was already forested. There is nothing she has done to cut, or even offset carbon.

K. T. has the money to live very green. If I had her assets I could be free of the power companies. I would drive an electric car, and not one of those idiotic hybrids. I would do all this and I don’t even buy into the concept of man-made global warming. I do believe we need to pollute less. There are far more dangerous things going into the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

I understand P.E.T.A is fuming at Al Gore because the concerts have vendors selling hamburger and other animal products. They say that you cannot have an ecological event and serve meat. For once I do, in some sense, agree with the group. According to P.E.T.A. that by eating meat mankind causes more greenhouse gasses than all the cars, power plants, jets, and factories on Earth.

Al Gore, go back to doing something you know about, like parenting. Oops, a drunken son doing 100 mph in a Prius loaded with drugs. Maybe he doesn’t know a lot about parenting either.

What the singer K. T. said proves what I foresaw, and that is the rich will be able to buy themselves out of doing anything that might inconvenience them. Arnold Swartznegger, Al Gore, and many of the other fat cats excuse their jet setting by buying nonexistent carbon offsets. They are doing what the left ways does, divide society by classes while saying they are trying to close it. Some day they will be riding in cars while they force the poor and middle class to walk or ride bikes. Europe has been doing this for decades. They tax the gas so that no one but the affluent can afford to drive a car. Is this what we want for the USA?

As someone intelligent said, all things in moderation. Wait until all the facts are in before you jump to conclusions. Okay, it was me that said this, but I am sure someone intelligent said it as some point.

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