Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Attack On Mainland America

From the heading you might think this is going to be about terrorism. On the contrary, it’s about an invasion, the invasion of America, not only by Mexican immigrants, but also by the Mexican army. Are you aware our border guards are having shootouts with the Mexican army?

Just this week there were uniformed Mexican soldiers that were trying to smuggle drugs into the United States. They were confronted by US border guards, and the border patrol was fired on. The Mexican army used 60 caliber machine guns to fend off our border patrol. Eventually, the Mexican soldiers fled back across the border and out of jurisdiction of the border guards.

I doubt anyone believes the Mexican soldiers were authorized by their government to cross the border. That does not excuse the Mexican government from liability. These incursions into our country are just as illegal as are the millions of immigrants pouring across the border. There have been several hundred of these incursions, so it’s not an isolated incident.

If American soldiers were to go into Mexico there would be a worldwide outcry. As it is, few in this country are even aware it’s happening, so it’s easy to see why there is no outcry. What I would like to know, where is the US media on this? If it were not for Michelle Malkin and the Fox News Network, I doubt we would ever know it was happening.

So, what is it the left wants to do about the border? I suppose they, as do the Libertarians, just want to open the border and let people come in unchecked. Do that and the violence we see from terrorist, gangs, and drug lords, is only a taste of the violence we will experience.

The people who  have on blinders are not willing to see there is a problem, this is so they can have a social conscience. You need to feel guilty for the death caused by every illegal immigrant or terrorist. Let your social conscience be your guide to the bloodbath you have allowed to go on in this country.

The next time an illegal immigrant drunk driver, gang member, or drug dealer  kills a legal immigrant, the blood is on your hands for not doing anything about it. I can’t do much myself, but at least I can recognize the problem and try and get people to understand.

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