Friday, February 17, 2012

Where Are You Politically?

I am going to attempt to explain parts of the chart. I know there are
many that will disagree with the chart because I place fascism to the
left. History and resources describe fascism as being to the right. I
point to Germany as to why this is wrong. Hitler’s party of power was
the National Socialist Party. Socialism is clearly to the left by
anyone’s definition. 
ideology ladder copy

Freedom has always been to the right of moderate. The farther to the right, the more freedom individuals have. I believe we can only be truly free when there is absolutely no government. The nomads of many cultures were absolutely free. They lived by no man’s rule but their own. Even still, they had just enough rules among themselves that there was no anarchy. You don’t need a mighty central government to insure there is no anarchy.

The KKK and other racist groups are always referred to as right-wingers because many do have anarchist or Republican views. I don’t see where one has to do with the other. Racism is more a social ideology than a political one. We have Hitler who hated the Jewish population, but he was a devout socialist. I find it completely unfair for only those on the right to be labeled racist. The left as a political tool has taken the “race” word. This is no different from women’s groups that will not come to the defense of conservative women.

I run into many progressives that label themselves as Anarchist. They then tell us how government can do this or that for you. I think they attach this label to themselves because they dislike aspects of both Democrats and Republicans, and are in search of something new. Sadly, that new they are searching for is progressiveness.

Too often we think that moderate is the best of both worlds. Look at the moderate period of our country and you find blacks and or women without the ability vote. We find there was segregation of the races. Those are the reasons that I placed the JFK Democrats to the left of moderate. People too often forget that it was the Republican Party that fought for civil rights. It was only later into the movement did the Democrats try and co-opt the movement for itself.

This might make you wonder why I put Republicans to the left of Conservatives. I did that because today we have many Republicans that push the progressive ideology, which is decidedly left.

I believe our founders wanted this nation to be as near anarchy as possible and still be a sovereign nation. The Libertarian Party is for open borders, which destroys sovereignty, so that’s why I put them to the right of libertarians.

I would love suggestions on where you think some of these lines should be moved. Even though I have thought a lot about this, I’ll probably makes changes in the future.

Originally posted November 6, 2010

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