Friday, February 17, 2012

The Power of Individualism

I find it a waste of time to debate the differences between socialism and communism. For me they are all just varying levels of the same thing. I am with those that believe you have the right to run your country as you see fit. The United States was founded on individualism, so no part of our federal Constitution allows for socialism. I want the right to be as rich as I can, or to be as poor as I want. No part of me understands anyone’s willingness to give up freedom.

Once you hand over all power to government, you have no hopes of ever getting it back, short of revolution. Government will not stop with a little power, they will chip away until they have it all and you have no rights left. If you think you can have only a little socialism on the federal level, you are fooling yourself . Some might think that letting government have all the power is fine, but you never know when you will get a government that is malevolent. I think people too easily forget what happened in Germany.

In the USA we have a president that said the Constitution gets in the way of things he wants to do. That should make us all tremble with fear and run as far away from someone like that, yet many see only this charismatic figure who promises the sun and stars.

This country was founded on individualism. People traveled from all parts of the globe so that they could be the best of whatever it was they desired. It’s in the USA and countries that emulated it that made the world what it is today. The countries that fully accepted socialism and communism have stagnated or died.

The mighty Union of Soviet Socialist Russia collapsed under the weight of its empire and communist form of government. Many nations are endeared to the socialism that keeps most of the population in extreme poverty, while a few live in mansions. That’s typical of all socialist and communist nations. In a mere 100 years the United Stated surpassed the world by embracing capitalism and individualism – maybe the latter was most important.

There is no such thing as economic or social justice. There has never been a country that didn’t have an affluent class. The greatest creation of capitalism is the middle class. Progressives think to take from the rich to bring the poor into the middle class. You might be able to put them there, but they won’t stay. The middle class is an exclusive club for which only people who work hard may enter.

The middle class is filled with individuals who want to help the collective, but their main goal for working hard is to maintain their family or themselves. The middle class produces byproducts in which the poor utilize. The poor fill yard sales to buy valuable goods cast aside by the middle class. You have a few poor that no longer wishes to be poor and sell these castoff goods so themselves might enter the exclusive club of the middle class.

Socialists have poured billions into lifting up the poor, and every attempt has failed. The wealth of a nation has been poured into Africa and there is little to show for the effort. These people must be willing to work for what they get. The progressives tell different races of people that their poverty is the fault of someone else, yet we see people come out that poverty to do great things. If one person can rise out of the ashes of poverty, then everyone can.

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