Monday, November 15, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I was just writing the article  “Government Protection or Loss of rights?” and had the same nagging thoughts of why are they doing such stringent searches at only airports, and why aren’t terrorist attacking more? It would be too easy for terrorist to build bombs or to buy automatic weapons in which to open fire on innocent people at the malls. I then had an epiphany. I know that government and progressives always use misdirection. They are making me watch searches in airports when the ball is in the other hand.

In Europe many of the terrorist attacks have been to trains, yet in Europe they aren’t forcing such stringent security on trains. We have had attacks on trains in the USA, again very lax security even at the Metro in the nation’s capital. I had to ask, what am I missing?

We have the leftist environmentalist, which these days are all progressives because they can use global warming to further the progressive agenda. The debate whether global warming is real or not is unimportant, since the progressives will use the fear to their advantage.

I just watched the NBC news anchor stand with the skyline of Beijing behind her and brag about the wonderful infrastructure of China. You heard Obama and the other progressives wail about how the USA needs to rebuild its infrastructure. Most of the infrastructure of the USA is privately owned, if you exclude highways. I realized they were saying more than the words in which they spoke. I then began replacing “infrastructure” with “trains” and things began to make sense.

Progressives love everything European and their eyes light up when they talk about the train system. The progressives have spent billions on building trains in the USA. Why do progressives love passenger trains? They see airplanes and autos as dirty and inefficient, but there is more that just that. Airplanes and autos are privately owned, while passenger trains are government owned.

For decades the progressives have been trying to force the public into trains. Nothing had worked, at least until now. What better way to force people into trains than to make flying a nightmare? This new body scanner the airports are using were in development before 9/11. Now they have terrorism to make people accept such intrusive machines.

Despite no rash of airplane terrorism, they began to move in these intrusive machines and body searches. The endgame is not to make us safer, but to make Americans hungry for trains.

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