Monday, November 15, 2010

Government Protection or Loss of Liberty?

Our government has decided that they need to see our nude bodies or demand intrusive body searches. They do this all in the name of safety as we fly. There is all this extreme caution at airports, yet not one terrorist has ever been caught by a TSA agent.

The 9/11 hijackers and the so-called Christmas day bomber were not found by TSA agents despite the fact the government had been alerted to the danger prior to the attacks. We know that the average terrorists are Muslim with dark complexions, and are between the ages of 17 and 34. If we know this, why do we have government personnel searching white elderly people and children? They do it in the name of being politically correct. They will pass up the opportunity to search someone fitting the profile of a terrorist and intimately search a child. They are also doing this in their war on drugs that has failed miserably.

These agents are touching children in ways parents have taught the child to fear and report. The government now wants to see our children naked in an effort to keep us safe. Do we want protection that badly? I know I don’t and will refuse to fly.

Recently a concerned citizen decided to map all the traffic cameras in the city. Homeland Security labeled him a potential terrorist and without a warrant, a GPS tracking device was placed on his car. He did this only to point out how often and where the government is watching people.

Today we must pass through metal detectors to visit many of our national treasures. We have to be ready to submit to having our purses and bodies searched in the name of safety. The government is conditioning us to more and more surveillance. At what point do we say no and decide that safety and political correctness aren’t worth the loss of our civil liberties?

Every time a terrorist has been stopped, it has been by the very citizens that are being harassed in security. There is not one single instance of these extreme government measures stopping one terrorist.

We have a government that refuses to search someone that fits the profile of a terrorist. We have a government that refuses to secure our borders and to deport those that come here illegally. We have cities giving sanctuary and aid to those that break our laws, while we are forced to give those same cities federal dollars, yet we have strangers which are government agents groping our children like some child molester.

Homeland Security is promising us that these nude images they demand of us in airports are not retained or transmitted. How many times has government made such promises to find later that there had been an error and millions of bytes of personal information has gotten into the hands of nefarious types?

Tea Partiers are being labeled as terrorist while we search children in airports. Is this the country our founders envisioned? I believe with what we are seeing from our government, especially by TSA officers, that it’s they who are the real terrorists.

If you are in the hands of the TSA and decide in the middle of the search that you change your mind and choose not to fly, you are still not allowed to leave. If you interrupt one of these searches you can be fined $10,000 dollars and subject to a civil suit.

Welcome to The People’s Republic of  Socialist America

Former title: Government Protection or Loss of Rights?

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