Sunday, January 20, 2013

The UFO Syndrome

I want to begin by saying this isn't about UFOs and space aliens. What it is about is our government and how it controls speech. It began one night in 1947 Roswell, New Mexico where something crashed in the desert. After discovery of the craft, the local paper's headlines were about some type aircraft crash. The government seemed to be talking openly about the unidentified craft. Then  something suddenly happened, the crash became a weather balloon, none at the scene were allowed to talk.

In time, stories began to spread about what had happened that day. The government turned these stories into a joke, laughing at them. In time the government laughed at anyone who talked of anything flying that couldn't be defined, whether it be extraterrestrial or secret government programs. The government had discovered the greatest disinformation tool possible, mockery. The media was all too happy to join in because they feared being mock themselves. They had a reputation to maintain.

Today the UFO syndrome is in full effect. When someone asks about Obama's college or birth records they are mocked and ridiculed. All of the major media figures became afraid to broach the subject. There is something even more recent. During one of the debates Mitt Romney talked about the threat of Al Qaeda in Mali. The president actually laughed at the candidate and went on to express how he had defeated Al Qaeda. I believe this was important to him winning the election. We know today that Romney was correct in his statements about Mali, Al Qaeda is alive and strong.

When we ask about the death of an ambassador we are told it's nothing, this kind of thing happens. We are told they know the risk when going into these countries. What they don't tell is that it's been thirty years since an ambassador was killed. We are dismissed offhandedly when asking questions or presenting facts.

We know thousands of people are sneaking across the border in the dark of night. Some of those are people simply looking for a better life, while some are gun runners, drug dealers, kidnappers, and Islamic terrorists. When we speak out about this problem we are called xenophobes and racist. We are ridiculed just as those who see lights in the sky at night. We are not allowed to care that a country should have secure borders and the right to know who enters and leaves. They fight us by controlling the language.

The UFO syndrome is alive and well in the debate over the 2nd Amendment. For claiming the rights afforded us by our fore fathers we are called extremist and lovers of death. When we protest and tell the left we need weapons to protect us from government, we are mocked and laughed at while telling us we cannot stop tanks with rifles. I believe we should be allowed to possess many of the same weapons as the government, but it doesn't take them to defend ourselves. Francis Marion defeated one of the greatest British armies with almost nothing. The Afghanistans defeated the mighty Russian military. The USA is the longest sustaining democracy with a peaceful transition of power. This didn't happen despite guns, but because of them. Disinformation and fear tactics is the only tools the left has against the 2nd Amendment.

The right is mocked when we talk about lowering taxes and limiting the size of the federal government. We are called extremist because we want to returned the country to what was envisioned by the founders. We are ridiculed for believing the Constitution isn't an outdated document.

We are laughed at for not believing Franklin D. Roosevelt was the greatest president ever. I will give him credit for winning World War 2. I will give him discredit for imprisoning the country in the worst economic period ever, yet by history he is praised for his work in the Great Depression. He is praised for the New Deal, while we are ridiculed for pointing out the truth, that his progressive policies locked the country in poverty. We can point to how Keynesian economics almost destroyed the country, yet we are mocked and call voodoo economist for believing in proven supply side economics.

When we talk about communists were are mocked and ridiculed. Those mockers won't stop to tell you that we speak about an ideological believe that government should own and run all businesses. This belief is becoming more common in the USA. They want you to believe we wrapped in a veil of paranoia and chasing some invisible Russian or Chinese.

I can go on and on with item after item where the opposition is ridiculed. No one wants to be mocked so they will many times publicly agree with something, while quietly having reservations. There is also the fact that some can't believe the ridiculed can be correct. The mockers appear to be the one with the high ground, the knowledge. They toss around disinformation as fact and statistics as if it was confetti at a celebration.

The UFO syndrome is an effective tactic that will be used as long as man lives. It was later wrote about in Rules for Radicals, as well as Edward Bernay's books on propaganda and modern marketing. So far no one has found a weapon against the UFO Syndrome, but one had better come soon or we have lost. Only when the countries lies in ashes created by progressive policies will we be proven correct. By then it might be too late.

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