Monday, March 21, 2011

Why is Obama The Reluctant Warrior?

Sometimes those of us who very closely follow politics and world events  just sit back and scratch our heads. This has been my reaction to the attack on Libya. I sat and listen to all the talking heads, especially conservatives that go on about how the USA is not taking the lead in the Libyan attack. There is a simple answer for this.

We have to look back to the relationship Gaddafi had or has with Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakhan. There is evidence that on more than one occasion Gaddafi gave millions to Farrakhan. We all know that there is a close relationship between Farrakhan, Wright, and Obama.

Black Liberation Theology and the Nation of Islam are not that far apart in their ideology. We have President Obama who is an anti-colonialist. It only makes sense that the three of the men and groups are allied. Toss in Gaddafi who hates the USA and you come up with close allies. If not for the huge transfer of funds to the Nation of Islam we might not complete this tie. As recent as 1996 Gaddafi awarded Farrakhan the Al-Gaddafi award for human rights, which furthers the connection.

The other thing the four men have in common is hate for the Jewish people. At least three of them have called for the extermination of the Jewish race. The left in general seems to have contempt for the nation of Israel. Until the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the USA had been a close ally with Israel.
On September 1989 a suitcase bomb exploded on French UTA flight 772, which killed 170 people. Families of five Americans that died on that flight went to an American federal court where in 1995 they won a decision which stated the government of Libya was responsible for that bombing.

France had been a long time dealer of arms to Libya. That relation clearly ended this weekend when France led a NATO attack against Libya. If not for France there would be no attack on the air defenses of Libya.
Obama made it clear in his speech that he did not take the lead in asking for this action. The UN Obama loved so much forced his hand. The last thing Obama wanted was to attack his good ally Gaddafi.
In every good plan there comes a monkey with a wrench. The left, especially in the USA and Europe began pushing for the development of more ethanol fuel. They pushed for mandates so that every gas pump in America contained at least 10% ethanol.

The Midwest began converting a large portion of corn and soybean into ethanol and other so-called bio fuels. As production increased, so did the price of all foods. This push for ethanol happened despite the environmentalists denouncing ethanol as being good for the environment. The USA’s push for ethanol-based fuels began to dramatically increase the cost of food around the world.

After the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Obama pull or held up permits for almost all exploration in the entire country. Even though the production of oil is currently at an all time high, it comes down to oil being a commodity that is sold on the futures market. The market can see in the future where American oil production will be at an all time low. We are being told that Libya is the reason for the increase, which in part is true. The current energy policies of the USA are just as much or more to blame.

In impoverished socialist countries you can always count on riots when food and oil prices rise. Yes, I am saying the turmoil in the Middle East was planned and orchestrated. We will see an increase of governments that are Sharia compliant or at least friendly with the anti Jewish left of the USA. Obama and his crowd did not want Gaddafi to go down. He was forced into this action and will play as little of a part as possible. Mubarak of Egypt had to go because he protected Israel.

There are still some elements that I am missing. So far this is what I know for sure. Things are rarely as they seem. In the beginning I thought the Libyan attack was misdirection, but in this case I’m not sure we are seeing more than a monkey wrench in the left’s overall plan. I hope the above isn’t too disjointed; I just wanted to get my thoughts down and see if others can point to what I am missing. In summary, this is a hiccup to forming the New World Order of which Bush the first so proudly spoke .

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