Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why Does Congress Not Read The Bills?

The Democrats roll out a 2000 page $1.1 trillion spending bill and tried to ram it through congress. They have no idea who wrote the bill; what’s worse, they don’t care. The people stood up and screamed when the Democrats did the same thing with the 2400 page health-care bill. It would take a team of lawyers a week to just read these bills.

We now know the health-care bill had been written years ago by the left wing Apollo Foundation to which Soros gives millions. Are we ever told by congress who writes the bills? Do they expect Americans to be so gullible as to believe these bills were written that month? The Democrats have now been in power for four years. They have taken all this time to write, amend, or edit bills written by any number of organizations, and then waited for the waning days of the lame-duck congress in which to ram these bills through. The Democrats wanted to be sure no one else had the time to read these bills.

These bills contain hundreds of references to other laws. When someone attempts to read a 2000 page bill, they must also read thousands of pages from current law. Knowing this, it’s obvious these people are voting for bills of which they have no knowledge. They know only what they have been told by staffers. Congress is also aware these bills contain hundreds of pages of text that doesn’t pertain to the debate at hand. They know the bills contain items that will severely cripple the rights of the individuals, all in the name of helping.

Nancy Pelosi said before the media, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” That was probably the most honest she has ever been. Those that voted for obamacare are now learning that many of the fears the detractors had were true. Even many Democrats that supported the bill now believe portions should be repealed. There have been hundreds of exemptions issued to Democratic friendly companies.

Now we know for sure that congress never reads, or has little knowledge of these bills, then why do they vote for them? Why do they push them with such fervor? The answer is simple, they know it will further their ideological agenda. They know these bills come from groups in which they share ideology. They pass bills that were written in part by the Communist Party.

These bills come from people that care little for the Constitution and are one-world order organizations. They come from George Soros who runs the Open Society Foundation. Is this some secret conspiracy? No, these people operate in the open. They are a secret to many because most of the media will not tell the truth. They are often labeled by the mainstream media as a watchdog group.

Knowledge is power. As long as we know about these organizations and the intentions of those for which we vote, then we hold power over them. We the voters are the power. The next time a politicians tells you that Americans must sacrifice, shout back that it’s they who must sacrifice… read the bill. Once they are required to read the bills they might then decide it’s time for plain English laws.

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