Monday, September 6, 2010

Voting ‘R’

I remember standing in the voting booth staring at Lindsay Graham’s name trying to make a choice. I had the choice of sending a newcomer to Washington, or sending someone with experience and power. In the end I chose power, and since that moment I have had to grimace each time I watched the senator I sent to Washington deal and compromise with the Democrats. If Graham was at first honorable, he was quickly corrupted by the power in which John McCain offered.

Since that time I have become a part of the Tea Party movement, and I know I haven’t done as much to help as I should, but I have come to terms with the fact that we can effect change in the United States. The
day has come where others and I don’t feel we have to vote for the likes of Graham, despite pressure from beltway Republicans.

The day has come where we not only divide the Republican Party by conservative and moderate, but my upper case ‘R’ and lower case ‘r’. The Tea Party is working to restore the Constitution and to bring back the
republicans that helped write that document. These people were not republicans because it was some political party; it was a state of mind… an ideology. These people worked to make the United States a republic, while fighting against statism.

Even if Christine O’Donnell loses the general election, the voters of Delaware voted with principle and not for the sure ‘R’. If we are to restore this country to the founder’s vision, then we must all vote with
conscience and not for the sure ‘R’. If we keep sending Republicans in Democratic clothing to Washington, then nothing will ever change.

The Tea Party has been accused of hijacking the Republican Party. That is far from the fact. We realized that before we can restore the Constitution, we must first restore the Republican Party. We have put the Beltway on notice, come around to our side, or step aside.

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