Friday, October 22, 2010

Reply to A Liberal’s Questions

There is so much in which to reply. Let’s start with the first amendment. You say in the spirit of the amendment there is separation of church and state. The Federalist Papers tell us the intent of our founders. They wanted to keep religion safe from government, not government safe from religion. In fact some of the founders expressed that states should declare a state religion, one state actually did, but I can’t remember which. We have to read the amendment exactly as it’s written, and it’s meaning is clear that congress shall not declare a state religion and people should be free to practice whatever religion they wish.

Personally I am happy with the separation of church and state, what I do hate is for people to wish something to be in a document, so therefore that’s what must be there. You said several times that O’Donnell made a mistake and was just technically right. She was right in every sense of the word.

Sarah Palin isn’t running for office at the moment and is a cheerleader, as well as a leader, period. No one can know for sure what O’Donnell knows or thinks about everything, but the one thing I can be sure about is that she will vote against the expansion of power. If she listens to us she won’t have to do any thinking in Washington, she will just vote for what the people that sent her there want. Senators and Representatives are just an extension of the people. If you read some of my postings you will find that I am for repealing the 17th Amendment and once more allow Senators to be appointed, and not elected.

All we hear from the left is about O’Donnell’s Halloween playfulness with witchcraft. If she was a witch, I think the left would embrace her for that. I know many Wiccans and find them to be nice and caring people. It’s times like this that we see the true feelings of the left. They are a hateful lot that judge people for the things they might do. O’Donnell has made it clear she’s not a witch, but a Christian; either would be fine with me. I judge people for who they are, not what they are.

You said that all you hear from Palin and O’Donnell is blah blah blah. I guess that’s all you hear from me, and the others on this website, since we are all saying many of the same things.

Is Social Security still viable and a good idea?

It’s not a bad idea, but in its current form Social Security makes people dependent on the government to manage their retirement money. The government has shown that it’s not capable of managing anyone’s money. Even FDR didn’t imagine social security becoming what it is today.

Is a fair tax or other system of taxation more fair and relevant?

Anything is better than what we have now. It’s a massive waste of resources to maintain the IRS in its present form.

However I think it is also appropriate at this time to ask other questions that maybe FDR would like….

What is a living wage?

Living wage is a progressive term and means nothing to me. I am for freedom and a person making decisions for themselves. I would rather see 10 people working for a dollar an hour than 5 people working for $3, while the rest live off the government. Look at the so-called poor in this country; they have cell phones, $100 shoes, and fancy televisions. According to world standards we have almost no poor. When the poor become too comfortable there is no incentive to work.

Is a college educated public in the best interest of the citizens as a whole?

It’s insane for society to think that everyone needs to go to college. All societies need manual laborers. There is nothing wrong with doing manual work, but elite progressives look down on those that pick up our garbage. Liberals and progressive want to bring in near slave labor from Mexico to mow their lawns and to clean their houses while the USA hovers around 10% unemployment.

How can corporations keep jobs in America if they are beholden to stockholders and share prices?

You are saying here that the owners of the company shouldn’t make profits. In that case you want a Communist form of government that owns everything. It’s only profits that drive a company to expand and to hire more people. To be fair, maybe you just want all companies to be privately owned where only one person makes those profits.

Would business be more competitive and labor unions less demanding it they didn’t have to be at all concerned with the pensions and health care of it’s workers?

It’s no concern of mine what unions promise their flock. My concern lies with laws that allow those unions to blackmail companies into giving into unrealistic demands. A company has only so much money to spend on employees. A worker can quit if they don’t think they are getting fair compensation for their time. The worker can find a different job or start a business. If the unions want to control every aspect, then they should start their own companies. They then would have total control and can give the employees whatever they think is fair. A business has no responsibility to take care of an employee until their death.

Unions are just a blackhole, which produces nothing. Each year unions contribute millions to politicians that will increase the power of unions over companies. You have union leaders living lavishly while pretending to care about the common worker. As individuals it’s up to us to provide our own health needs. If not for government, unions, and insurance companies, health-care cost would drop dramatically. The health-care systems will only charge as much as they think they can get. Right now they know they can suck our tax dollars out of the government. I don’t have all the answers, but I know enough that government and unions do nothing to help. Government and unions only take from the economy, they put nothing back.

You said you think Obama has great ideas. That means you love the idea of a tyrannical government and communism. That means you are not for allowing people to make free choices. Stop listening to his words and watch his actions and the people in which surrounds him. His ideas include a 1% transaction tax that will finish destroying the country. His ideas include taking as much money as possible from those that provide the jobs. His idea of controlling the Internet and making bloggers such as me register with the federal government… fantastic idea. This means you are for the federal government taking control of every aspect of your life and the economy with Cap n’ Trade and other so called green policies. This means you are against the constitution and a limited central power.

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