Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Labeling America

These days, politics is driven by labels. There are three main groups, Conservative, Liberal(progressive), and Libertarian. Note that I used capitals with those labels. That's because those are names of groups. If we look closer, we will find many use those labels who have varying beliefs.

No matter the ideology, you will run into purists who try to say who can wear the label and who can't. I've personally run across that with upper case Libertarians, those who belong to the party and claim to be purists. I've been told I'm not libertarian because I believe differently on a few issues.

It seems, daily, I find anarchists who sometimes carry the Libertarian label. On a given day I'll find an anarchist who claims to be a progressive. I watch as people who all carry the same label, arguing over some issue.

This week on television, social media and conservative celebrity, Tomi Lahren was on the ABC show The View. There she made the statement that she was pro-choice on abortion. The next day there were conservatives in lengthy articles calling for her firing. Conservatives have condemned progressives for calling for the firing of people based on speech. To do the same is clearly hypocrisy. Tomi was suspended this week by her boss, Glenn Beck, who has himself complained about progressives doing the same thing. Free speech is clearly dead on Glenn's conservative network.

Each day, many hours are spend debating abortion. We learn that not all conservatives agree on all the terms associated with abortion. Pro-choice can mean supporting all abortions, or just those concerning rape and incest. Some pro-choice people say abortion is fine in the first eight weeks only. All those beliefs fall within the context of conservatism, yet the purists want those conservatives fired or abandoned.

People often wear their labels with pride. Sometimes those labels are worn as if they are a religion. Sometimes people claim those labels as a result of religion. In all cases we find people who cling to their label with a certain amount of fanaticism. It is this fanaticism that's dangerous. Fanaticism is especially dangerous when it is applied to politics. That fanaticism will be used to take rights from certain citizens.

Recently in the news, we are hearing about schools that are installing prayer rooms for Muslims. Schools are often run by progressives. For decades, Democrats and progressives have fought a long battle to keep religion out of schools. It seems they have made an abrupt turnabout to accommodate the Islamic religion. Do all progressives agree with this decision? I'd dare say a large portion do. This is an example of how a label is more about collective thinking than a true belief.

The progressive label is part of a movement that believes police are hunting down and killing minority Americans. We know there are some bad cops, but the majority are good people wanting to serve their community. Because of the belief that police are hunting down blacks, a pro football player refused to stand for the National Anthem, the anthem that gives allegiance to the country that allowed this man to rise above poverty to earn millions of dollars. False rhetoric led to this protest and as a result of that protest the football player might have ended his professional career.

During the 2016 election a group of conservatives came to be known as Never Trump. They wrote and shouted that Donald J. Trump wasn't a conservative and shouldn't be president. I became sure they preferred Hillary over Trump. Since the election they have not stopped their Never Trump campaign, despite the fact that Trump has acted more conservative than any past president, possibly, including the conservative hero, Ronald Reagan. In this case, this group of conservatives seem to be guided by hate more than ideology. Some of these same Never Trump people are attacking Tomi Lahren for her view on abortion, while hypocritically claiming they are the guardians of conservatism.

We are finding today there are three labels that are essentially calling for an end to the United States of America. Anarchists, progressives, Libertarians—note upper case L—are for open borders. They believe everyone has a right to enter this country even if those people want to destroy the country. Twice progressive judges have ruled that the president of the USA no longer has say over immigration. Those judges have struck down moratoriums on immigration from five countries. Those judges also say we must let anyone into the country claiming to be a refugee.

Those judges are suppose to look at only the law and the Constitution of the United States. Because of the label they have sworn allegiance to, they choose to ignore the laws and Constitution of this country. In both, it's clear the federal government is in charge of immigration. A law passed by Congress assigns that power directly to the president, not the governor of a state. Labels that have for decades fought for federal power, now preach states rights because they want open borders.

Everything above is a result of labels. Labeling is necessary in our world. We wouldn’t know the red fruit hanging from the tree is an apple if not for the label. Sometimes even fruit can be so much a hybrid of something else that the label no longer applies. How do we know when political labels no longer apply? We don't. People are free to choose whatever label they want to wear. For this reason we shouldn't assume a person has a set belief simply because they wear a certain label. The only label for which I can be sure when ask what am I, is—I am me. I believe what I believe. Label me as you wish, but I will forever have my own beliefs.

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